Our R&D team will develop unique proprietary products for you or you can choose our »ready to use« products with your label – name. You can benefit from our proprietary scientific research and published articles on the silver fir brach extract Belinal® integrated in your product.

One stop Full Service and Flexible Solutions in 30 days

We provide an individual approach for each client in order to achieve the successful implementation of contract production projects.

Personal aproach in your project gives you control and effective communication at all stages of the production.

Fast production time

By form:
• Capsules
• Tablets
• Sachets
• Pre-Filled Caps

By packaging:
• Blisters
• Pill Jars

Production complies with EU standards, that ensures traceability and safety of selected materials at every step.

Clinically Supported White Label Products – Ready to go

If you have a trusted brand, we can provide you clinically supported premium supplements with your label.

Clinically supported white label food supplements will solve consumer needs and boost our partners’ brand to leading positions. Stability studies.

We invest in reserach and clinical trials.

We offer R&D support and education.

By indication:
Immune system
Heart & Cholesterol
Brain & Concentration
Joints & Tissues
Sport Recovery & Endurance
Beauty & Skin health

Premium Private Label Products – Ready to go

Do you want to be innovative and different from your competitors? Benefit from our proprietary scientific research and published articles. Formulas that differenciate you from competitors. We use plant base clinicaly tested ingredients in the formulas. Offer your buyers clean label products. Ready to go formulas.

By indication: 
Liver Detox & Protect
Cell Recovery
Body Shape
Collagen Beauty Boost
Relax & Sleep
Energy & Vitality
Man Libido & Prostate

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Please contact us via info@abieslabs.eu and our team will support you to receive full information about the product, formulation and the science behind it.