Most polyphenols found in Belinal® are natural plant substances with known biological, pharmacological and clinical activities contributing to human health. These polyphenols have powerful antioxidant and anti-diabetic activity, anti-inflammatory activity, they prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease*.

Belinal® is a powder of light to moderately brown color with distinct smell of essential oils of conifers. Belinal® is water soluble extract with high bioavailability and absorption.

Belinal® is standardized extract for food supplements, cosmetics functional food and beverages.

Extensive research is dedicated to the safety of Belinal® and to establish benefits for human health. Scientific researches and clinical studies are led by Ljubljana University and National clinics.

Research network of universities, medical clinical centers and national laboratories allow us to develop effective and safe innovative ingredient for the worldwide health market.

Laboratory researches contribute to safety and bioavailability. Special attention is paid to mechanisms that contribute to our health and well being.

Human clinical trials have demonstrated health benefits and safety of Belinal®.

Purity and potency of Belinal® are continuously monitored and analysed.

Abies Labs guarantees that high quality of Belinal® extract is constantly maintained.


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