Belinal® is patented water extract from silver fir branches and has a well-established monograph based on macroscopic and microscopic scientific studies defining its characteristics and components. Belinal® is the brand name for a premium herbal extract loaded with a concentrate of bioactive polyphenols., which are also found in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Belinal® is a unique mixture of complex polyphenols such as lignans, phenolic acids and flavonoids. Scientists identified over thirty six different polyphenols so far. Approximately 70 percent of the extract is polyphenols, of those 70 percent 40 percent are lignans and the rest contains phenolic acids and flavonoids.

Most lignans are derivatives of taxiresinol (eg. lariciresinol). P-coumaric acid, protocatechuicacid and gallic acid represents phenolic acids. The main flavonoids in Belinal® are catechin and epicatechin.

Characteristic lignans that define standard of Belinal® are secoisolariciresinol,  isolariciresinol, hydroxymatairesinol, lariciresinol, pinoresinol and matairesinol.

Structural formula of lariciresinol

Most polyphenols found in Belinal® are natural plant substances with known biological, pharmacological and clinical activities contributing to human health. Belinal® has anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic activity, anti-inflammatory action, immune- modulatory action, microcirculation action, inhibits cancer cells proliferation and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Belinal® is a powder of light to moderately brown color with distinct smell of conifers and is water soluble. 90 % of polyphenols have smaller molecule mass than 1000 Dalton and have scientifically proven inside cell anti oxidative activity. 

HPLC chromatogram of Belinal®