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belinal superior - silver fir - immune system - fatigue - stress - sport - regeneration - skin          belinal superior - silver fir - immune system - fatigue - stress - sport - regeneration - skin          belinal superior - silver fir - immune system - fatigue - stress - sport - regeneration - skin          belinal skin - silver fir - for healthy skin and hair - skin rejuvenation - reduction of wrinkles - skin immune system - anti aging - to maintain skin moisture - regeneration of collagen and elastin - skin - allergies - sunning - UV rays.         belinal gluco - silver fir - blood sugar - glucose - diabetes - sugar disease

Dietary supplements Belinal® made from silver fir branches 

Belinal® products combine the Belinal® substance, polyphenols extracted from silver fir branches and carefully selected natural vitamins and minerals. The development of Belinal® products is based on extensive scientific research and clinical studies. Every product has been carefully planned and they all meet the highest standards and everyday needs of the modern individual. The products are based on all-natural plant extracts of organic origin.

What is Belinal® 

Belinal® is an extract (substance) from silver fir branches, an antioxidant mix of natural polyphenols. Highest quality branches from the oldest pristine European forests is hand-picked and pure natural polyphenols are extracted using the latest technology.

Top experts conduct extract analyses, research and clinical studies on Belinal® extract.

Based on the results of clinical studies we develop innovative dietary supplements with Belinal® extract with added natural vitamins and minerals.

So you can be sure that Belinal® supplements provide the best for your body.

Why are silver fir branches so different

Silver fir branch extract Belinal® is unique and represents an entirely new direction in the development of natural ingredients. So far, the extracts are mainly obtained from fruits, leaves, plant flowers or bark of trees.

Extract from the internal tissues of the tree offers totally new dimensions and challenges for the researchers. The initial findings reveal that polyphenols' molecules are much smaller and easily pass into cells, where the body really needs them.

Since the polyphenols from the interior of the plant are consequently much less exposed to external influences of the sun and to pollution, the benefit is extraordinary stability, which means that extract maintains the same characteristics even after 5 years, which is an extraordinary rarity.

Belinal® is named after an ancient god Belin

belin - belinal - silver fir - faculty of pharmacy - immune system - fatigue - stress - sport - regeneration - skin - blood sugar - glucose - diabetes - sugar diseaseBelin was an ancient god of Venetians and Slovens. Testimonies of old Slovens' God were found in Roman sources. Belin was the god of the sun and the light. He was worshiped in several Roman provinces, always there, where Venetians have lived, definitely in Noricum, which was later named Carantania. In Roman times Belin was the patron saint of the town Aquileia, where he had several sanctuaries. The people there believed in Belin, who they called "holy" and they believed that his "key" can cure blindness.

Picture left: Statue of god Belin found in the Soca Valley.

The latest etymological findings show, however, that the Belin was connected with water, so there is no doubt so there is no doubt that he was connected with the healing too.

Our ancestors worshiped the God Belin on sunny and saint places, those where they have been elevated above the surrounding countryside and from where they could see far and wide. Slovenians are one of the few nations that theirs first Christian churches were built high in the mountains, which clearly shows that our ancestors, long after the acceptance of Christianity, remained loyal to their previous habits and traditions.

The archaeologists have found several statues of Belinal during the excavations, one of them in the Soca Valley. Other statues of Belin were also found during the excavation of the Ljubljana's Castle, Klagenfurt and in the Veneto region.

belin - belinal - silver fir - faculty of pharmacy - immune system - fatigue - stress - sport - regeneration - skin - blood sugar - glucose - diabetes - sugar disease

In Tolmin region people have still preserved the tradition of the holy Belin long after the Second World War. One of folk tale says that before the First World War nine white stones were placed on the top of ridges of Kolovrat hill placed by ancient believers. The knowledge about the holy Belin has been preserved till now, who has been a heavenly doctor and who helped to the sick people.

Picture left: The altar dedicated to Belin, which was discovered in Celje town.


The healing properties of the silver fir were already known to our ancestors

Yes, the active extract found in the branches of the silver fir has long been known. In the morning newspaper from 1939 we can read that people cook tea from the silver fir branches against dropsy, indigestion, rheumatism and stomach cramps. London medical gazette published in the year 1837 that people in England has brewed a beer from branches of silver fir.

Researchers at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Ljubjana in 2015 reached the sensational discovery, because they managed to obtain the active substance from the branches of the silver fir which contains the most diverse composition of the various polyphenols with low molecular weight.

Belinal® is a patented global uniqueness with clinical studies

The patented extract Belinal® is worldwide protected under the Belinal® trademark. Slovenes have now obtained the first active extract, which indications are confirmed by two clinical studies on humans and is unique in the world as well.

During the first clinical study, the researchers have proved in collaboration with doctors from University Medical Centre Maribor that the silver fir branch extract Belinal® significantly lowers the glycemic index of the meal with carbohydrates which is very welcome news for all patients with type 2 diabetes, as well as for all those who want to control weight.

In the second clinical study scientists from Higher School of Applied Sciences VIST Ljubljana proved remarkable rejuvenating and regenerative effects on the skin with the active extract Belinal®.

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