What Is Belinal?

Belinal® is an unique food supplement ingredient extracted from the branches of the silver fir tree with many different indications such as
  • Immune System
  • Cell Recovery
  • Stress Reduction
  • Skin Hair Nail
  • Blood Sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Cognitive Functions
A standardized extract

Belinal® extract is obtained by the most modern methods without using alcohol or other organic solvents. We believe that the pure natural ingredients are essential for therapeutic potential of polyphenols and we found that the effects of Belinal® are truly remarkable. Belinal® – the extract from silver fir branches is standardized and well-studied – its diverse polyphenolic composition is known in details. The quality of each extraction batch is checked by independent research laboratories.

Scientific research and clinical studies

Extensive analytics of the extract and comparative research studies as well as clinical trials are performed by the team of top researchers and scientists. By constantly performing research we have confirmed effectiveness of Belinal®, we are also achieving optimum activity and improving the absorption. Therefore, you can be sure that Belinal® products offer only the best for your body.

Synergy of Belinal® products

Belinal® products combine Belinal® extract – polyphenols from silver fir branches – and carefully selected vitamins or minerals. Scientifically confirmed effects of Belinal® extract thus synergistically complement those of vitamins or minerals. Unique herbal polyphenolic mixture combined with vitamins or minerals is scientifically designed to reach optimal effect, rapid absorption and maximum efficiency.